Another Dynamics GP Workflow Gotcha!

Today, I was told the approval workflows for Payables Management documents was just going to “No Approval Needed” once submitted.

I started thinking to myself “It was working on Friday just fine. Then I did the GP 18.2 upgrade over the weekend. Now it is all of a sudden not working. Did I miss a step in my testing or in the upgrade process?”


It was my fault, but not what I expected.

The workflows in use are set up primarily to use the Vendor Class ID field to know who to route the approval to. Like this example:

A particular person is assigned to complete the approval workflow if the Vendor Class ID on the transaction is “UTILITIES.”

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, this is what would be in the Workflow Condition Editor:

Now, in Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.2, the fields that started with “PM Vendor Master” are now just “Vendor Master”:


Which is why the workflows were going straight to “No Approval Necessary” — the conditions weren’t being met!

Once I changed all of the conditions showing “PM Vendor Master” to “Vendor Master” all of the approvals were working just fine again.


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