One Reason Why Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow Notifications Don’t Send

Yesterday I was struggling with a problem with the notification emails in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2. They would send to everyone else except one person — a new user.

It was maddening!

Everything was set up correctly with Workflow, the approvers, the email server…everything. Turns out it was nothing wrong with GP at all — it was a problem with the user account in Active Directory.

This was a new user entered in Active Directory. When Workflow was originally set up in GP, the Microsoft Exchange email server was on-premise. Since then email is handled through Microsoft 365. There have been no new users added to AD since the transition from on-premise email to MS365.

Looking at an existing user, the mail and proxyAddresses fields in their AD attributes (Active Directory Users and Computers > right-click on User > Properties > Attribute Editor tab) were populated:

On the new user, the mail attribute was blank and the other smtp value (the lowercase one) in the proxyAddresses attribute was missing:

After fixing those two attributes, Workflow emails started sending to the new user! Yeah!

2 thoughts on “One Reason Why Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow Notifications Don’t Send”

  1. Phew! Thank God you were here to say that we only have to make some adjustments to the attributes in order to restore the functions inside Microsoft Dynamics GP. My boss plans to install the software in every computer in our office but not all of us know how to use it. I’ll contact an expert soon so we can get some better insights about it.

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