One Reason Why Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow Notifications Don’t Send

Yesterday I was struggling with a problem with the notification emails in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2. They would send to everyone else except one person — a new user.

It was maddening!

Everything was set up correctly with Workflow, the approvers, the email server…everything. Turns out it was nothing wrong with GP at all — it was a problem with the user account in Active Directory.

This was a new user entered in Active Directory. When Workflow was originally set up in GP, the Microsoft Exchange email server was on-premise. Since then email is handled through Microsoft 365. There have been no new users added to AD since the transition from on-premise email to MS365.

Looking at an existing user, the mail and proxyAddresses fields in their AD attributes (Active Directory Users and Computers > right-click on User > Properties > Attribute Editor tab) were populated:

On the new user, the mail attribute was blank and the other smtp value (the lowercase one) in the proxyAddresses attribute was missing:

After fixing those two attributes, Workflow emails started sending to the new user! Yeah!

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