Report Writer and the Word Templates in Microsoft Dynamics GP: Just Say No – Part 3

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Welcome back to my epic saga to get you to use SSRS for forms and reports in Microsoft Dynamics GP!

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Dynamics Report Manager (DRM) from Rockton Software lets you create links to launch reports from any screen in Microsoft Dynamics GP. I’m going to show a few examples of less clicks and less hassle for the user when performing day-to-day tasks.

DRM gives you a bunch of options to run your SSRS reports:

* Run the SSRS report when the built-in GP report runs.
* Run the SSRS report after a button click or entry/exit from a field.
* Run the SSRS report from the Additional menu available on every window.

Make your users happier and make the processes easier for everyone inside of GP. Let’s dig in!

Example 1: Running a report right from the transaction entry or inquiry screen

Two reports that are basically buried in the Purchasing reports are Cash Requirements and Received/Not Invoiced. This is an easy way to surface these reports for the users and give some other options/features that aren’t part of the built-in reports.

First, follow Part 2 of this series to add the report and the launch point to DRM. If you want to download all of the SSRS reports and views I’ve created so far, click here.

Once the report is added and you complete the wizard to add the launch point, now you can get one click access to Cash Requirements from the Build Payments Batch or Edit Payment Batch window! For Received/Not Invoiced, it can be accessed right from Purchasing Invoice Entry (since you have to go there anyway to enter any invoice match). AND AND AND the SSRS version of Cash Requirements has filters and the SSRS version of Received/Not Invoiced has drillback links to GP! Niiiiiice.

Cash Requirements from Additional menu in GP

Received Not Invoiced in GP

Example 2: A list of reports to pick from on the Sales Transaction Entry/Inquiry window

This is a fun example because it completely bypasses the Sales Document Print Options window and also lets the user print any or all of the sales documents associated with the SOP transaction on the screen.

DRM Report Pick List in GP

DRM lets you add lots and lots of reports to a launch point and one of the actions is “Show Report Pick List.” This loads a list of all of the reports linked to the launch point!

Show Report Pick List in DRM Option in GP

Once you set everything up, the pick list appears when clicking the Print button on Sales Transaction Entry/Inquiry! Just check or uncheck the forms you want to see and print. Each of the forms opens in a new window. Less clicks! Yay!

DRM Launch Point Multiple Reports in GP

Example 3: Launching multiple reports from the Sales Batch Entry window

Another great example of using automation to just spit out the picking tickets and packing lists all at once, right from the batch selected on the Sales Batch Entry window.

Sales Batch Entry in GP to print tickets

Two windows open up automatically: one for the picking tickets and one for the packing lists. DRM passes the Batch Number field to each of the forms and the report is programmed to filter by any Sales Order Processing invoice transactions in the batch on the screen after running the transfer process from order to invoice.

SSRS picking ticket in Dynamics GP SSRS packing list in Dynamics GP

Example 4: Generating a customer statement from the Customer Maintenance window

This is as simple as adding a launch point to the Customer Maintenance window — either in the Additional menu or preempting the logic of one of the buttons on the screen.

SSRS report in Dynamics GP customer maintenance

DRM passes the customer number in the Customer Number field to the report and PRESTO CHANGE-O, a nicely formatted SSRS statement is generated to the screen. Since it is an SSRS report, we can do some nice formatting, like change the color of the due date and amount if it is overdue.

SSRS customer statement in Dynamics GP

Example 5 (bonus, free of charge): Opening a completely unrelated report to another transaction in GP

Commission Plan from EthoTech calculates salesperson and employee commissions in Dynamics GP. When processing commissions, one of the options is to have the module create payables transactions for all of your salespeople. When looking at the PM transaction, what if you could see the report of all the commissions tied to that voucher?


The voucher number is the common piece of data between Payables Management and the Commission Plan tables when processing commissions. All you have to do is create a launch point on the Payables Transaction Entry or Payables Transaction Entry Zoom window with the voucher number as the data to pass back to the report.

Generate a commission report from Payables in Dynamics GP

EthoTech Commission Plan SSRS report from PM in Dynamics GP

These are just a few examples of connecting SSRS to Microsoft Dynamics GP. You get a modern reporting tool, access to ALL of your GP data using SQL and, as a bonus, making tasks easier for your users! Win!

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