Minimum and Maximum Values

Bill Cat does his best thinking at the kitchen counter
Bill Cat does his best thinking at the kitchen counter.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things…

We’ve created a project management system using Power Apps and Dataverse (super cooooool) and there is some nifty automation built-in to it (super, super coooooool).

The users can have individual activities or a whole project get created automatically!

Automation in Milo

One of the options for recurrence is Monthly. Then you get asked the day of the month to run this each month.

Monthly recurrence

Because the days of the months aren’t the same, we all decided on a rule where the only acceptable numbers to put in this field were 1 through 28.

So, how to make sure the user doesn’t put in 999 as the day of the month?!

I was thinking about how to do this with a business rule or JavaScript, but YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANY OF THAT! IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT DAMN COMPLICATED!

Just go into the settings of the column (in this case Day of Month) and change the minimum and maximum values!

Minimum value and maximum value


Now if the user tries to enter the 999th day of the month, the built-in error handling notifies you.

My brain was not 100% switched on today, but this was a real “WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THAT EARLIER?!?!” moment.

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