A Workaround for GUIDs in Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools

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I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to fix this issue!

If you are using the amazing Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools from Demian Raschkovan, there is an issue with getting the GUID of a record if you are still on an 8.2 version of Dynamics 365.

The release notes show version 1.0.53 fixed the issue, but that’s not available for D365 v8.2, only D365 v9.

However, I figured out a workaround.

The Backstory

When sending quotes from D365, the email contains a link to view the quote in the browser just like any other webpage. The link looks like this: https://domain.com/quote/?id=some big GUID here.

Dynamics 365 email quote link

Using the Query Values feature, it grabs the GUID just fine.

Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools Query Values

The Issue

When the result from the Query Values step is put into the email, somehow there’s a space getting added to the end of the GUID. When the user clicks on the link in the email, 404 error.

404 error


The Workaround

This is pretty silly, but it works. Add a step after the Query Values and use the String Functions to remove the extra space.

Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools String Functions

Since a GUID is always 36 characters, start at the text position 0 and take the first 36 characters.

In the Create Email step of the workflow, use the Trimmed Text result from the String Functions.

Dynamics 365 draft email

Now, when the email is created, the quote URL opens just fine!


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